TOOLS: Scalability for Video Conferencing

VidyoRouter Cloud Edition offers an easily deployed, low-maintenance infrastructure composed of a network of VidyoRouter appliances to further enhance the Vidyo conference experience, optimize Wide Area Network (WAN) bandwidth utilization, and expedite ROI. For the first time, I.T. managers can address the challenges of rapidly growing user demand for video conferencing on mobile devices, desktops and room systems while delivering a 5x to 10x cost reduction in WAN bandwidth and multipoint infrastructure.

VidyoRouter Cloud Edition enables Vidyo conferences to span multiple networked VidyoRouters. The total number of concurrent multipoint connections is limited only by the number of VidyoRouters deployed. By enabling each participant to connect with the VidyoRouter that is geographically closest, network latency is minimized for in-region conferences, and bandwidth efficiency is optimized by localizing traffic. Additionally, secure firewall traversal is free and inherent.

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