Mobile Solution Focuses On Sales Management

Qstream has made significant updates to its mobile solution for managing and measuring the capabilities of sales forces in just minutes a day. The enhancements further extend the core strengths of the Qstream platform for global enterprise deployments, including expanded single sign-on (SSO) integration and security options; updated native apps for Android and iOS; and new Qstream program delivery modes that offer broad support for driving high-performance sales teams in a scalable, single-platform solution.

In addition to single-presentation and recurring Qstreams, challenges can now also be configured in one of three new delivery modes — live, timed and continuous Qstreams — to address the wide-ranging business requirements of product launches, onboarding, sales training and other enablement initiatives.

Get Virtual Reality Access Through Mobile Devices

The EON Experience VR app brings thousands of applications from EON Reality’s extensive Virtual and Augmented Reality Library to mobile devices. EON Experience VR, available now on both Google Play and App Store, supports Android and iOS devices, such as the Samsung Note 4 and Apple iPhone 6, and mobile headsets, like Samsung Gear VR, Zeiss VR One and Google Cardboard. EON Experience VR is focused on education and training using augmented reality, immersive virtual reality, and interactive experiences.

Through EON Experience VR, students and trainees learn by doing and visualizing complex concepts. These experiences are split into three major subject areas, one of which is industry oriented (e.g. Engine Maintenance, Oil Field Safety Training). Using augmented and virtual reality, EON Experience VR places users into realistic situations that simulate patient visits, work environments, and labs or lessons where and when users need it, not just in the classroom or training center.

Video Creation Leaps Into The 21st Century

Panopto has released a major update to its video capture and management software. The update introduces a new SharePoint app for creating, managing and searching enterprise video; live webcasting to iOS devices; search federation with a range of applications using the OpenSearch standard; and support for content approval workflows.

The new SharePoint app enables customers to securely embed videos and playlists in SharePoint pages using single sign-on (SSO) and efficiently stream live and on-demand video across the corporate WAN and Internet.

And Panopto now supports live and on-demand video streaming at up to 60 frames per second (fps) from any Windows PC to iOS devices using the HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) protocol.

Observation Instrument Focuses On Learners

To help schools and systems measure and quantify active student engagement, AdvancED has launched Eleot — the Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool. An innovative, low-cost student-focused observation instrument, Eleot enables school leaders and teachers to explore how well each classroom addresses seven areas of engagement that research indicates make a difference in learning.

The Eleot systematically helps pinpoint how well classrooms encourage active learning, use individual monitoring and feedback, employ technology to encourage more hands-on, student directed activities, and create environments that are equitable, set high expectations, address student needs, and effectively manage learning. It is available as an app for Apple iOS, Android, and desktop computers.

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