Top Industries for E-learning Named

In the first quarter of 2014, Software surpassed Health care to become the top industry for e-learning (based on percentage of companies) followed by Financial Services, I.T. Services and Marketing. Software was also the industry that spent the most on e-learning, followed by Health care, Financial Services, Health/Wellness and I.T. Services.

The report sponsored by Mindflash showed trends around course design and use, too. For instance, short courses are in favor. Most courses (nearly 60 percent) were 30 minutes or less in length. The number of slides included in the average course, however, was across the board: 25 percent had 10 slides or fewer, 33 percent had between 11 and 25 slides, and 25 percent had between 26 and 50 slides. Finally, 75 percent of courses included an assessment for learners.

California again took the spot among states for training, based on percentage of users (21.64 percent), followed by Massachusetts (11.12 percent), Illinois (9.49 percent), Georgia (6.79 percent) and Florida (6.7 percent).

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