Transparency Trend Comes To HR Function

Transparency Trend Comes To HR Function

Transparency and engagement are two key trends that switch the focus of human resources departments from processes to people.

Other key observations about the evolving HR function in companies, from a new whitepaper:

>> A time and attendance system is uniquely qualified to promote both transparency and engagement in an organization. Unlike other systems which focus on a user group — like customer relationship databases for sales — nearly every employee in an organization uses a time and attendance system. With this powerful tool sitting at the heart of an organization, it can shift the focus from processes to people.

>> A people-focused time and attendance system can encourage open communication and active engagement with confidential communication, automatic benefit accrual, mobile access, and personal information management. These attributes help employees experience how much an organization values their time, engagement and satisfaction.

The whitepaper is titled “HR Tech Trend: People-Focused Time and Attendance.”

—Download the paper:

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