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The 2017 Learning! 100

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The 2017 Learning! 100

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Panopto’s Course Cast lecture is being made available to qualified academic institutions free of charge. Course Cast’s easyto- deploy lecture-capture technology enables educators to capture, edit, index, archive and stream video and audio over the Internet. It gives students on-demand access to indexed lectures and course material, enabling them to experience or revisit entire lectures or to focus on segments of their choice.

CourseCast is easily deployed using standard PCs and peripherals, which substantially drives down the cost of lecture capture deployment. Beyond its low-cost ability to seamlessly capture critical content, Panopto’s unique knowledge-management capabilities enable captured material to be easily searched, annotated, linked and safeguarded.

These attributes give other potential users, such as corporations, ready access to rich content captured in meetings of all kinds, from the largest to the smallest design meetings, compliance reviews, brainstorming sessions and conferences. 

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The latest release of Xcelerator for Microsoft Excel continues to reduce the time and effort required to format data for the first time and on a repetitive basis. Formatting requiring 30 minutes each time it is performed using only Excel is completed for the first time in less than five minutes with the help of Xcelerator, the company says.

When formatting new data for fields previously formatted, Xcelerator automatically creates an identical workbook using the selected workbook format. Within seconds, it automatically transforms unformatted data into a formatted workbook better suited for viewing, printing and data analysis.

Xcelerator automatically changes field descriptions, creates calculated fields, reorders and hides columns, sorts, creates better formatted subtotals, applies Styles and Conditional formats, creates Charts, PivotTables, PivotCharts and formatted Drill worksheets.

Xcelerator combines the time saving Excel formatting and data analysis features of the separate EZ-Format, EZ-Chart, EZPivot, EZ-Calc and EZ-Stat products with the unique ability to automatically and identically format new data in seconds. 

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Visan — and — is now marketing, the next generation of photo creation technology that revolutionizes the way that consumers create all types of personal photo products online. puts an end to the frustration of creating photo products online by instantly creating artistic designs and collages in a matter of seconds, instead of the hours it typically takes with other sites. With, there is no need to log into an account and no need to even upload your photos to start creating photo gifts, such as photo albums, calendars, posters and t-shirts.

Rocketlife’s “3D Digital Merchandising” real-time photo-realistic 3-D renderings allow you to make any change you want and instantly visualize exactly what the photo end-product will look like in real time.

These exclusive patent-pending technologies make intelligent design and layout decisions to allow you to create and personalize your photo book in about five minutes, turning the traditionally long hours of frustrating work into just a few minutes of fun

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ApplyWise’s online college admission counseling program helps high school students successfully navigate the college admissions process, according to RWD Technologies. ApplyWise is the first online college admissions counseling program that builds a personalized environment for students as they create and complete their own customized strategic plan for getting into college.

With ApplyWise, students can easily track their academic performance and engage in tutorials that address critical issues such as selecting the right colleges, essay-writing and mastering college interviews. The program leverages the comprehensive methodology developed by Dr. Katherine Cohen, who has helped thousands of students get into the colleges of their choice through her educational consulting company, IvyWise.

The ApplyWise portal gives parents their own dashboard interface, enabling automatic e-mail updates to alert parents as the students proceed through lessons and create drafts of admissions documents, which parents can then read and edit. 

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Author-it Software Corp. is donating access to its flagship Author-it product to Communications For The World, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to explore how technology can be used to foster global learning and communications, such as developing free online learning material in different languages.

The organization is developing a series of pilot projects utilizing single-source authoring strategies to support global learning initiatives such as One Laptop Per Child, established to examine ways to help provide educational opportunities for children around the world.

Password-protected access to Author-it will allow CFTW to rapidly produce HTML and PDF-based e-learning materials in different languages and subsequently manage updates in the various language versions. Ultimately, CFTW will provide these free online materials for global audiences while saving time on development and research. 

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Control Center 7, a new professional remote IP-network camera control and jobsite management system, is being offered by EarthCam, Inc. The advanced Web-based software, available to all EarthCam clients in the international construction, traffic management and security industries, merges ease of use, advanced functions and image-building with sophisticated design.

EarthCam’s new software enables hundreds of features of megapixel and live streaming video cameras across allmajor brands. Control Center 7’s intuitive personal design program, customized by users for individual comfort and convenience, encourages expanded use of the remote Web cam systems to monitor, manage and document projects.

Integrated satellite zoom-in and aerial fly-bys of job-site locations provide a valuable means to pinpoint the project and explore surrounding real estate while bringing added excitement to an official Website.

Control Center 7 also offers multiple ways to pan, tilt, zoom and manage live cameras including keyboard, click-to-center, virtual joystick and easy to-use desktop USB joystick control. Its layout option is enhanced by an instant access, color-coordinated template to complement and enhance individual company Websites.

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Microsoft Corp. laid out the next phase in its strategy for online services, offering a road map for new offerings that synthesize client, server and services software for people and businesses. These offerings will combine elements of client-based programs with software that runs large servers and new services delivered over the Internet.

Live offerings span entertainment, communication and productivity. These services emphasize ease of use, simplicity of access and flexibility, and are ideally suited for situations where people either don’t have access to professional technical expertise or don’t require high levels of system management.

Office LiveWorkspace is among the first entries in the new wave of online services. Available at no charge, Office LiveWorkspace lets users do the following: access documents anywhere; work collaboratively on a project with others in a password-protected, invitation- only online workspace; easily connect to Microsoft Office Word, Power- Point, Excel and Outlook on their PC via the Web. 

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