UpSideLMS Launches Plethora, a New Online Library

UpSideLMS Launches Plethora, a New Online Library

With a mission to simplify e-learning by freeing Learning & Development leaders from the hassles of developing customized and often cost and time heavy learning content, Plethora is set to transform the way enterprises search for and purchase off-the-shelf e-learning content.

Partnering with Skillsoft, BizLibrary, Learning Planet, Cegos, Banker’s Academy and others, Plethora promises to connect L&D and HR managers with a limitless library of proven-effective and high-quality ready-to-use e-learning courses and videos through its comprehensive website:

With Plethora, enterprises, L&D leaders as well as learners get the chance to browse through over 20,000 eLearning, mLearning and Microlearning courses and videos, and select the courses as per their specific requirements. Through its modern UI/UX, Plethora makes browsing and choosing off-the-shelf e-learning courses (also from mobile devices) extremely easy, fast and effective across over seven categories, including Leadership & Management, Business Skills, Compliance Training, Digital Skills, Soft Skills, Sales & Service, among others. The Categories or Bundles from Plethora are designed to serve the skilling, reskilling and upskilling needs of today’s workforce, which includes a mix of seasoned employees and the millennial workforce seeking ready availability of learning content to be future-ready.

The collection of courses from Plethora includes thousands of high-quality courses and videos covering topics that are not only critical for today’s workforce but also in-demand for future-readiness. Created by experienced SMEs, Instructional Designers and Graphic Designers, the content library is backed by experts in the field, so that your learning is meaningful and ROI, certain.

 Plethora is a one-stop-solution for all learning content requirements as its content partners that help fuel the ever-growing library of courses that not only are fast to deploy, but also easy on the pocket, and effective in addressing the enterprise learning needs. For more information about Plethora, please visit

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