VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: Immersing Infantry in Training

ExpeditionDI is a man-worn, fully immersive, turn-key team simulation solution for infantry simulation and training. It provides an open-architecture platform for integrating simulation and game software.

ExpeditionDI provides a collective training environment where participants are jointly immersed in virtual scenarios that challenge them to move and act as individuals, yet maintain the communication and coordination necessary to function effectively as a team. Systems can be networked to larger scale exercises to support combined arms and joint forces training.

Key technologies:

>> Fully integrated wearable computer pack with ruggedized computer and hot swappable battery in one convenient package

>> High-resolution head-mounted display

>> Tightly-coupled head tracker and H.M.D. provides full 360-degree field-of-regard

>> Fully instrumented weapon is un-tethered from the body

>> Patent-pending hand-grip/controller and posture sensors

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