VR/AR Solutions Roundup

VR/AR Solutions Roundup


As an expert in augmented reality development, VironIT builds unique solutions for e-commerce, retail, healthcare and other industries by combining Augmented Reality (AR) with other technologies. What makes the product even more innovative is how it helps learners save time and makes learning more collaborative. VironIT also specializes in state-of-the-art games development, using such platforms as Unity and Unreal Engine. The company has wide experience in augmented reality development with industry-leading technical support.

VironIT developed AnatomyNext, a web-based AR software for the medical industry, to educate beginning students and healthcare professionals. The software features simple drag and resize tools. The Skull Anatomy application enables users to easily explore the skull in unprecedented detail, while the Neuro AN app guides users through the anatomy of the cranial nerves. The AnatomyNext app is compatible with Macs, PCs and smartphones, which makes education interactive.

Learn more: https://vironit.com/vr-arapp-development/


Next/Now is an augmented reality development company with a team of professionals from diverse disciplines. Next/Now creates an AR app with gesture and motion interactivity, creative display concepts and technology to strengthen the connection between the organizations and their customers. They provide such AR development services as AR Projection Mapping, 3D Animation, Motion and Gesture Control, and MultiTouch Surfaces.

The AR Bonnaroo Face Paint Application for Intel uses Intel RealSense technology, whereby individuals allow their face to be scanned at 74 points and digital face paints are then overlaid on their faces, moving with them in augmented reality. Users can then take a photo that could be shared in a conflict-free message on social media.

Learn more: https://nextnowagency.com/


ScienceSoft is a U.S.-based augmented reality development company founded in 1989, which serves more than 500 IT experts in diverse disciplines. The company has evolved to become the leading AR app-producing company to partner with IBM, Microsoft, Magento, NASA, JPL, etc. Among the technologies ScienceSoft employs for its augmented reality development projects include: iOS ARKit, Android ARCore, Vuforia, ARToolKit and Unity 3D. What’s more, the company develops AR services, as well as other customized and platform-based solutions for its clients — from healthcare, banking, retail, telecom and other industries.

One project involved the use of the ScienceSoft AR application with geo-location for a banking client that wanted its customers to be able to locate the nearest branch.

Learn more: https://www.scnsoft.com/services/augmented-reality-development


Groove Jones brings creative ideas into current and advanced reality to provide innovative solutions to clients’ challenges. As an augmented reality development company, it provides the following services:

>> 360 degrees of content creation, like video and interactive application, for better interaction with your audience, so you don’t feel far away. 
>> AR lens and photo filters for social media, like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, to allow users from different parts of the world to feel more connected. 
>> CGI and Animations 
>> Motion Capture

The company has developed a secure, reliable and flexible platform, called GrooveTech, which acts as a foundation for the company’s production team to efficiently develop complex ideas that enable their clients to achieve their communication goals.

Among Groove Jones’ most noteworthy projects is an AR project developed for the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. In February 2019, the app reanimated Luka Duncic, a fan favorite. The result was mesmerizing to the fans, who could interact with him even from the comfort of their homes.

Learn more: https://www.groovejones.com/


Established in 2008, Credencys uses advanced AR technologies, such as AR Core, AR Kit, Vuforia and AR Studio. The Credencys team consists of more than 150 members that aim to deliver such AR development solutions as:

>> Facial feature recognition 
>> Print marker detection
>> Plane and location tracking 
>> Object overlay

As an AR development company, Credencys serves more than 12 different industries, including industrial robot manufacturing, real estate, networking equipment, construction, automobile, educational toys, food and more. In its portfolio, there are more than 500 successfully delivered projects and greater than 200 clients worldwide.

Credencys created an AR app solution for the pharmaceutical company. The goal of the project was a 3D demonstrated app that shows the abilities of the product during sales. The app has such features as face tracking, animation to display how the product works, and 3D model of the product.

Learn more: https://www.credencys.com/

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