W.H.O. Promotes E-learning

W.H.O. Promotes E-learning

E-learning could help prepare more health-care professionals, according to a recent review of research projects carried out by Imperial CollegeLondon by the World Health Organization (W.H.O.).

More than 100 studies found that undergraduate students acquired knowledge and skills through computer-based e-learning (CBL) as well as – or better than – they do through traditional teaching.

Eleven of 33 studies demonstrated statistically significant knowledge gains for students engaged in CBL methods. Eight of 13 studies found a statistically significant difference in skill acquisition favoring the participants allocated to the CBL group. And five of 12 studies found more favorable attitudes among CBL group students. There was also found to be statistically significant knowledge gains for students using 3-D enhanced visual aids compared to students using standard 2-D.

The report concludes, “Information and communication technology (ICT)…called e-learning or blended learning…offers promising new modes for the delivery of education.”

The report, edited by Najeeb Al-Shorbaji, Rifat Atun, Josip Car, Azeem Majeed, Erica Wheeler, with 31 contributors from around the globe, is titled “E-learning for Undergraduate Health Professional Education.”

—Full report: http://whoeducationguidelines.org/sites/default/files/uploads/eLearning-healthprof-report.pdf 

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