‘Wearables’ to Change Learning

David Kelly of the U.K.’s eLearning Guild believes that wearable technology will change learning forever, the title of his upcoming speech at the Learning Technologies Conference in London.  In the last few decades, the emergence of home computers brought us e-learning, and the proliferation of mobile and smartphones has brought us mobile learning. Both of these technological advances have fundamentally changed how we look at learning and performance programs. Another technological advance is coming, one that will once again change some of our definitions and how we address performance issues: wearable technology.

Kelly is scheduled to explore:

>> the different types of wearable technologies

>> how wearable technology is changing consumer behavior

>> how wearable technology can be used for learning and performance

>> the unique affordances of wearable technology

>> how innovative companies are using wearable technology today

“Technological advances disrupt the status quo. We’ve seen this happen a number of times in the way we address learning and performance interventions,” points out Donald H. Taylor, conference chair.

The conference takes place Jan. 28-29, 2015, at London Olympia II. It runs alongside the Learning Technologies 2015 Exhibition and the Learning & Skills 2015 Exhibition.

—More info: www.learningtechnologies.co.uk

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