WEB 2.0: Curriculum for Kindy-Kids

Innovative Learning Concepts Inc., creator of TouchMath, has released a new kindergarten curriculum designed to provide kindergarten students with a high-quality, challenging, and accessible math program — a vital foundation for future mathematics learning. The program includes a digital version and tutoring software; the first of its kind in the TouchMath product family.

The new Kindergarten curriculum includes four kits covering counting/readiness, addition, backward counting, subtraction, geometry, algebra, fractions, money, time, measurement, and graphing/data. Each kit includes a digital version for lesson planning on-the-go, and a software component for kits 1 and 2, TouchMath Tutor. The interactive software complements the print product and provides entertaining multi-sensory activities for students who are beginning to use TouchMath, or who need review. Each topic contained in the software includes a pretest, activities, at least one review, and a posttest. The pre- and posttests are scored and recorded, allowing teachers to easily track the progress of individual students.

For more information: www.touchmath.com/kindergarten.

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