WEB 2.0: Do you have the three key ingredients for Social Learning Success?

Social media is having a profound impact on the way we communicate and learn. This has opened the floodgates to companies hawking Enterprise 2.0 versions of social media tools just for organizations.So how does a learning leader make quick sense of this crowded field?

The dirty little secret is that these tools all have one common trait: they are all simply enabling technologies. I call them “empty drums.” What I mean by this is that a successful social community needs three ingredients to be successful:

1) an enabling technology;
2) vibrant community; and
3) great content.

With no community and no content, you are left with an empty drum where users don’t contribute because it looks like no one visits and no one visits because it looks like no one contributes.

Trying to build a culture of successful collaboration through social learning with just one of the three is like trying to sit on a one-legged stool; you will get hurt.

After the initial rollout, many social learning sites quickly lose momentum. They don’t build or stimulate sustainable collaboration. They don’t transform learning and they certainly don’t transform organizational performance. The key is social media’s power of “amplification.” You don’t need to focus on the enabling technology as much as how you can leverage the two ingredients that you already have and amplify their value.

You probably already have content – a variety of learning assets, such as digital books, courseware, simulations, reports, etc. And, you already have a captive base of users consuming this content. Now what you need is a social learning framework that immediately takes advantage of your existing e-learning investments and amplifies them. That is where inGenius comes in.


SkillSoft inGenius is a social learning platform layer that allows enterprises to securely empower their employees to find, create and share knowledge and expertise with their colleagues leveraging the extensive and trusted SkillSoft library of ondemand learning assets. inGenius enhances SkillSoft ’s core learning assets
with a feature set that enables learners to add community content in the form of notes, comments and ratings that add a unique layer of context and relevance specific to their organization.

We further enhance the experience with the opportunities to build connections and allow sharing between learners, as well as validation through reputation and ratings
functionality. This is all built on a secure, trusted SkillSoft platform – limited to the members of their organization.

This notion of using social technology to amplify the benefits of learning and enable users to learn from each other is a powerful new force in the enterprise. I invite you to visit the inGenius page of our Website to see for yourself how this approach can immediately begin driving social results that are meaningful, safe and aligned to your organizational initiatives.

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