WEB 2.0: How to Collect & Disseminate Knowledge

Modern corporations are diverse organizations with experts spread over time zones, geographies and disciplines. This modern construct has led executives to ponder some seemingly simple questions:

• How do I educate, train and continually inform an organization of hundreds or thousands of highly skilled employees on the latest and greatest offerings?

• How do I get my employees to share what they know with everyone else?

Employees spend countless hours packaging up their knowledge for others to dig through on wikis, websites, and document repositories. Yet, the problem of how to effectively collect and disseminate an organization’s knowledge is still at hand.

Video is an effective tool for capturing the vast amount of knowledge that is locked in the heads of subject matter experts and for sharing their knowledge with the organization’s ecosystem of employees, partners, and customers.

Video capture techniques can be as elaborate as a full production studio or as simple as using a Flip video camera or even web conferencing applications. By using video, verbal knowledge can be easily captured and made available to everyone in the organization. Experts simply present their knowledge in a traditional manner. No matter how or where people share their knowledge, it can be video and/or audio recorded. For organizations that deploy solutions like Altus vSearch, which makes video searchable down to the spoken word, video content becomes as useful, if not more so, than traditional documents.

Video can help your organization be more productive by leveraging and sharing the knowledge of all of its human resources. For more information on Altus vSearch, please go to www.altuscorp.com or call us at (408) 395-9154, 2105 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 135, Campbell, CA 95008.

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