Web 2.0: Social Learning to Enable Organizations to Achieve Performance

Saba Social Learning is a new Saba People Cloud offer that combines formal learning with collaboration and sales 2.0 technologies to accelerate learning to drive behavior and performance. Designed to address the rapidly changing and evolving nature of the workplace, Saba Social Learning will offer an industry-leading social and formal learning solution to enable organizations to speed sales readiness, drive top-line growth, and reduce training costs.

Saba Social Learning Is Designed to Help Organizations

Accelerate time-to-performance for new sales hires
Increase sales win rates
Increase the performance of high performers
Cultivate next-generation sales leaders
Promote formal and informal learning to organizations and their value chain
Saba Social Learning is expected to be generally available in Spring 2011. For more information on the product and to see a demo, please visit www.sabasociallearning.com.

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