Why Go Mobile?

In one of his popular GovLoop blog posts, Sonny Hashmi asks “why go mobile?” And then he answers himself:

a) Increased productivity – By untethering workers while providing them access to the tools they need to work, we hope they would be more productive and more accessible.

b) Green workforce – By enabling access to business systems via mobile devices, we hope to encourage and support our agency’s interest in telecommuting, resulting in a greener workforce and reduce operational costs (facilities, power, etc.).

c) Reduced risk – Through increased control and management over mobile devices as compared to laptops, and the reduced capabilities of off-line data storage on mobile devices, these devices might actually reduce the risk of data breach in cases of loss or theft.

d) Reduced costs – Mobile tablet devices, if used to successfully replace laptops issued to mobile workers in the majority of cases, can potentially reduce footprint costs. In most cases, an iPad costs less, doesn’t require buying and supporting the OS and related software licenses, and mobile data plans are likely more attractive than procuring and deploying individual USB 3G modems.

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