World Economic Forum: e-Learning Is Top 10 Technology

World Economic Forum: e-Learning Is Top 10 Technology

Each winter, the World Economic Forum gathers in Davos, Switzerland to try and predict what’s hot and what’s not. E-learning popped up as the 10th hottest technology trend. 

According to Michael Altendorf, CEO of Adtelligence who also blogs at the WEF’s address, “Several new online learning platforms and portals such as the Khan Academy, Coursera, university online portals or YouTube channels have been disrupting traditional education models. The initial idea was to provide high-quality education but the consequences have been much larger. As a result, the classroom is no longer simply a mentoring space, but is now an interactive and inspirational learning environment. The ease of access and certification offered by online learning models are key to making knowledge accessible to all.”

E-learning had some swift company on the WEF top technologies list including

>>electric cars

>>mobile payment and virtual currencies

>>intraday delivery

>>3D printing

>>mobile health technologies

>>big data and machine learning algorithms

>>augmented reality

>>wearable devices

>>the “Internet of Things.” Think Web-powered vacuum cleaners.  

–by Richard Acello

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