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  • The Evolution of E-learning an...

  • Three Disruptive Macro Trends ...

  • Elearning! Magazine Honored fo...

  • How Corporate Learning Is Usin...

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Call for Paper Application


Enterprise Learning! Conference 2015

Enterprise Learning! Conference

Call for Papers

Name: (Required)
Email Address: (Required)

Thank you for submitting your call for paper to ELC15. The theme is Building Smarter Organizations. Each submission should relate to the event theme.

ELC15 has four distinct tracks with specific topics:

-Learning Environments for the Next Generation

-Smart Connected Things in Learning

-Learning Analytics & Performance in the Big Data Age

-The Learning! 100: Best Practices


Every submission will be seriously considered and reviewed by ELC15 Conference Advisory Committee.

We require each session to be objective, informative and clear of vendor bias.

ELC15 is a hybrid event whereby selected sessions will be recorded and/or webcasted to a live virtual audience.

Submissions Accepted Until February 1st, 2015.

Notification of the status of your application will be emailed on/before March 1st, 2015.

Thank you for your interest in presenting at ELC15 and  Innovations in E-learning Symposium.

Speaker Terms & Conditions:

All submissions and speakers agree to:

-Allow webcasting/hosting of the session content at ELC Virtual Event(s.)

-Accept the Speakers Terms & Conditions at:



A. Session Leader

Speaker Name: (Required)
Speaker Email: (Required)
Speaker Organization Name: (Required)
Speaker Mailing Address: (Required)
Speaker Work Phone: (Required)
Speaker Web site URL: (Required)
Speaker Headshot (Required). (JPEG or GIF)
Speaker Biography (Required).

B. Additional Speaker

Speaker 2 Name:
Speaker 2 Email:
Speaker 2 Telephone:
Speaker 2 Mobile Phone:
Speaker 2 Organization Name:
Speaker 2 Mailing Address:
Speaker 2 Web Site URL:
Speaker 2 Headshot:
Speaker 2 Biography:
Speaker 3 Name:
Speaker 3 Title:
Speaker 3 Email:
Speaker 3 Telephone:
Speaker 3 Mobile Phone:
Speaker 3 Organization Name:
Speaker 3 Mailing Address:
Speaker 3 Web Site URL:
Speaker 3 Headshot:
Speaker 3 Biography:
Are you submitting this proposal on behalf of another organization? (Required)
If Yes, other Organization's name?
List any references or past presentations: (Required)
Please describe the last time you made a presentation (this topic or related) to a large audience. Describe where, when and any feedback you received.
Furnish URL link to a previous presentations (Videos, etc):


Which track best describes your session topic? Select one.
Which format best describes your session? Select One. Best Practices (Case studies, how to advice)
Strategy & Leadership (High level view of strategy, culture, leadership & performance topics)
Technology at Work (Learning, Talent or HR Technology topics)
Trends & Research ( Research based analysis & predictions)
Workshop - 1/2 day
Workshop - full day
What is the title of your session? (Required)
What are three (3) key learning objectives? (Required)
What will the participants learn or be able to do after the session?
What are three (3) key takeaways from your session? (Required)
What is the target attendee's level of expertise required for this session? (Required) -select-
Who is/are your primary audience(s)? (Required)
Which job functions and roles should attendees have to benefit from your session?
How will you engage attendees in the room and/or virtually?
As session leader, we recognize there is a great deal of knowledge among the attendees. How will you engage participants and allow them to network, share, and learn from one another?
Please describe how your session will incorporate elements of ELC's theme of "Building Smarter Organizations"?(Required)
What type of instructional method will you use for this session? Please select ONE from below. Case Study
How to Demo
Listen and Learn
Panel with Q&A
Roundtable Discussion
ELC will furnish a PC, LCD projector, microphone, Internet connection and podium. Do you have any other special equipment needs? If so, explain. (Required)

To accept the Speaker Terms & Conditions provided at: , please indicate your acceptance below.

Acceptance of Speaker Terms & Conditions: (Required) Yes, I accept
No, I do not accept
1. Upload related presentation materials or documents for proposed session.
2. Upload related presentation materials or documents for proposed session.
3. Upload related presentation materials or documents for proposed session.
4. Upload related presentation materials or documents for proposed session.


Please review the abstract and author information PRIOR to submission.  Make any changes prior to submitting.

-Select SUBMIT button to turn in your final application. NOTE: You WILL NOT be able to edit your information after you click SUBMIT.

-Please submit your application on or before February 1st, 2015 to be considered.

If you abandon the application before submitting, this information will be lost.

Session Leader Terms of Agreement

By submitting this proposal, you agree to the terms and conditions in the speaker agreement.

You understand that as a session leader, you may register for ELC at a reduced cost, and are responsible for all related travel and accomodations costs.

ELC 2015 will also include a virtual component. By agreeing to speak, you also agree to allow your session and materials to be hosted in ELC Virtual.

Thank you for your proposal.

You will be notified by March 1st on the status of your submission. Should you have any questions, please contact Catherine Upton, conference chairperson, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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