Xyleme Announces Program to Help Organizations Modernize Their LCMS

Xyleme is offering a no-risk opportunity to try Xyleme for organizations currently using an LCMS. Organizations that take advantage of this unique offer will have an opportunity to see how Xy5 can help address the learning content needs of today’s mobile, distributed and multi-generational workforce. Advantages of Xyleme’s platform include:

  •          The ease with which it can generate beautiful outputs for web, mobile and print from a single source of content.
  •          Its cloud delivery, open technologies, and easy integration with LMSs and other applications.
  •          Performance support delivery right inside the learner’s workflow while capturing rich learning analytics. Learners and administrators can view demonstrable analytics that validate learning experiences, digital badges, and other credentials.

The program consists of training and guided implementation activities designed to give end users a hands-on experience while allowing them to produce beautiful learning products for any device that can be shared with others in their organization.  In addition, Xyleme experts will work with participants to assess their content migration needs.

—Learn more: http://pages.xyleme.com/modernize-your-lcms-offer?utm_campaign=ModernizeYourLCMSOffer&utm_medium=pr&utm_source=pr

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