Zuckerberg outlines 10-year plan for Facebook at F8 Conference

Facebook, Inc. to Expand Bots, Delivery Platform and Continue Charitable Work

F8, Facebook’s annual development conference took place April 12 and 13 in San Francisco and Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg outlined an extensive 10-year plan to keep people interacting and generate ad money for the tech giant. Soon, users will have the ability to chat with artificially intelligent bots on Facebook’s Messenger platform ordering food and car services, gaining sports updates and much more. In the long term, Zuckerberg sees people using virtual reality to experience places and objects rather than forcing them to travel or buy objects in real life. Developers will have the option to build bots to represent their companies on Facebook’s platform. The bots will be conversational in nature, and Facebook will not make a direct profit off of e-commerce transactions initially.

The company also stressed the benefits of live video and encouraged 360-degree video and will build its own 3D-360 Camera System coming summer 2016. Not wanting to get into the camera industry itself, Facebook is leaving its platform open for others to develop products around it.

Zuckerberg also touched on his plan to help those access technology that may have limited Internet access. Facebook built a tool, Free Basics, to offer apps that require very little data. The program was built in response to Zuckerberg’s travels and seeing how many countries are shutting down access to technology.

Facebook also plans to fund 20 people of color and/or women to attend Dev Bootcamp for free this year through F8 ticket sales. The 19-week program teaches software development and megacognitive training using Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, common JavaScript libraries, SQL, HTML, CSS, pair programming, and agile and test driven development. 

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