3 Tech Trends That Will Rock the Learning World

3 Tech Trends That Will Rock the Learning World

I know you heard it before. But, if you missed it, take a look at Microsoft’s Build Conference this week. CEO, Satya Nadella, took 4 minutes in the opening keynote to layout the shifts occurring in enterprise software and architecture. There are 3 major shifts that will rock the enterprise, no matter what your role.

1) Multi-Device. Communications are distributed. Voice, text or other communications have moved from input only to “state of in it” mode. Meaning, the communications will reside in the various devices to monitor, respond or react to the “state.” These devices include mobile, PCs, to personal digital assistants that reside in Echo, cars, smart homes, etc.

2) Artificial Intelligence is distributed as well. The example showcased at Build event was an employee using Cortana to track her daily activities. She was alerted of traffic on the freeway that would make her late for her morning meeting. She alerted the team via outlook, and connected virtually while driving. When in the office, she received a video of the conference and actions to do in Outlook.

3) Serverless. The Cloud is changing. What was once the home of software and data for networked access is now serverless. The outer loop can now be hosted in the inner loop, at the device level or on premise. This reduces bandwidth and storage requirements, while achieving faster response rates. For example, AI can monitor a factory floor with cloud-based software. However, with serverless AI the monitoring can be downloaded from the cloud and operate onsite. Doing so reduces reaction time from 2 seconds to 103 milliseconds.

To learn more, visit: https://build.microsoft.com/

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