4 Reasons Instructor-Led Training is Killing Your Sales Potential

4 Reasons Instructor-Led Training is Killing Your Sales Potential

If you want to earn, you’ve got to learn. Staying on top of market trends, needs, insights, and news is key to maximizing your organization’s sales potential. As a result, sales teams weak on knowledge don’t get far – even if the rest of their skillset is outstanding.

For this reason, most sales-oriented businesses invest in employee education. You probably do too. The problem is that there’s a lot to learn and the world is constantly changing… especially in the digital age. Knowledge-wise, 100,000,000 new blog posts and articles get released each day. Skill-wise, things are moving so fast that 38% of all U.S. jobs are expected to become obsolete or automated by 2030. This creates a unique set of problems for modern organizations; Namely, keeping up with this pace of change is demanding. The average sales person only spends 32% of their time selling – and a lot of the remaining 68% are dedicated to learning.

What is Instructor Led Training?
Whether you know the term Instructor-Led Training or not, you’re well-acquainted with ILT. It’s the standard learning environment with one teacher or instructor and a group of students.

The problem with ILT is that it can be rather ineffective. In a traditional, ILT learning environment, 80% of learners say they forget what they’re studying within 30 days.

What you may not realize is that ILT is killing your sales potential for several other key reasons.

Reason 1: Instructor-led training is “one size fits all” by definition.

Everyone studies the same stuff, at the same speed, from the same teacher. Alas, 79% of employees admit to having a significant retention and engagement problem in group learning environments.

Reason 2: Boredom

Trainers talk at students instead of interacting with them. They fail to make the material practical and interesting and assuming that listeners should be interested in. Finally, trainers believe ILT alone, even if delivered exceptionally well, is not adequate on its own without properly spaced reinforcement training.

Reason 3: Overwhelmed

The “optimal” time for a single session of learning or working varies depending on who you ask. Hiroshima University researchers say 52 minutes; others say anywhere between 45 and 90. But, binge learning doesn’t work any better than binge eating.

Learners end up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and – eventually – disconnected from the process and the ability to retain and apply best practices. Obviously, this is not conducive to you optimizing your sales.

Reason 4: Demotivated & Powerless

ILT doesn’t treat others like individuals.ILT pre-supposes that everyone can benefit the same from a one-size-fits-all solution. It also encourages instructors to talk “at” people because of the physical impossibility of giving everyone the 1-on-1 attention they need. But in the end, only 15% of learners end up applying what they learned via ILT in their job.

What’s the answer?

According to Elearning! Magazine, there are many options available to today’s training teams. Micro-learning, video learning and gamifying content are just a few options. There are many suppliers on the marketing who focus on these options for on-boarding, sales training, product and customer services. MLevel, BizLibrary and Skillsoft all offer programs to replace or compliment your ILT programs. To source best in class providers, access Elearning! Magazine’s Best of Elearning! Awards issue at: http://www.2elearning.com/awards/best-of-elearning-awards

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