5.12 Solutions Consulting Group Launched Coachmetrix


5.12 Solutions Consulting Group is launching its first technology product, Coachmetrix. Sparked from a desire to innovate traditional, off-line leadership development programs, Coachmetrix offers web-based technology to optimize and measure the impact leaders make on organizations. The platform features tools that support widely-used leadership development practices like goal-setting and action-planning, but adds ongoing pulse feedback and progress metrics for more focused coaching sessions.

Coaches and trainers can easily deliver content specific to the participant and manage all communication and progress right from the main dashboard. Participants can create a secure cloud-based action plan and designate supporters to provide ongoing pulse feedback on specific behaviors related to their goals. Supporters’ feedback ratings are graphed with participant self-assessment ratings for important input to 1-1 coaching sessions and tracking overall progress toward goals. Over time, these progress metrics provide a clear understanding of actual behavior changes that influence company culture and the bottom line.

—More info: www.512solutions.com


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