A New Era in ‘Cloud Learning’?

About a year ago, the Washington Technology Industry Association sponsored a presentation at Google’s Fremont, Calif., campus titled “Welcome to the New Era of Cloud Computing.” Since then, many industry observers have picked up on the “new era” theme.

“The software-as-a-service landscape is changing,” says Chris Murphy, editor of Information Week’s Business Technology Network. He points to new product categories, board-member support and the recession as providing boosts for cloud computing, which has huge implications as it relates to enterprise learning.

Recently, on the Joy Systems blog, another author wrote:
“Cloud computing allows you to get into the computer game without laying out tens of thousands of dollars in capital to build a system. You also save tons of money in not having to maintain your own computer system and networks.

“Cloud computing can change the way you do business forever. What a cloud computing model does is allow you to use the software you need for your business, access the Internet and perform all the other functions you normally would with your computer system on a shared system. It is particularly good for companies that may be involved in the low-tech sector but need computer systems to operate the administrative function of their business.”

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