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Learning and workplace technology is changing at a rapid rate, while the job market is becoming increasingly competitive. Professionals who leverage technology to drive employee and enterprise performance need to distinguish themselves in a competitive job and client marketplace. This is the expertise that’s sought by hiring managers worldwide, and the Elearning! Institute validates this expertise with its certificate programs.





Now is the time to validate your expertise and proudly display your credentials wherever you need to show that your knowledge and know-how are up-to-date.





Top Reasons to Certify





Get Hired: 92% of hiring managers said they would hire a certificated candidate over another with equivalent experience 1





Earn More: 93% of hiring managers said that an individual with a credential would earn more money during their career.  Georgetown University study 2 concurred.








“Male certificate holders earn more than 40 percent of men with Associate’s degrees and 24 percent of men with Bachelor’s degrees. Female certificate holders earn more than 34 percent of the women with Associate’s degrees and 24 percent of women with Bachelor’s degrees.”








Wider Appeal: 86% say cross industry credentials are important





Portable: 94% said portable credentials are important





Purpose of the Elearning! Institute:








  • To recognize you for increasing your knowledge of enterprise learning and workplace technologies, thereby enhancing your credibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace.




  • To provide you with a widely-recognized and valuable career credential that documents your knowledge of enterprise learning and workplace technologies. Add ePortfolio to curate your own work samples and credentials.




  • To show that you are knowledgeable about new enterprise learning and workplace technologies as they appear on the market, whether they are new releases of existing practices or completely disruptive technologies.




  • To provide you with a way to interact with your peers and colleagues, in order to further enhance the growth of new enterprise learning and workplace technologies in the world of talent development.




  • To “future proof” your skills and development by participating in an Institute that covers the fields of mobile, social, LMS, TMS, virtual leadership and video learning, employee performance, and the business of learning.







    Offered by Elearning!Institute, earn the premier credentials for professionals who are focused on driving employee and enterprise performance. Join the outstanding learning & technology professionals who have already earned their certificates by enrolling today for the program that fits your needs.





    Customize Your Learning Path





    There are two ways to earn your Elearning! Institute credentials.








  • Select the learning path you most value from authoring to virtual leadership. Complete the specified curriculum and earn your certificate upon completion.  LEARN MORE




  • Participate in the Learning! Professional Certificate program that awards continuous life-long learning. Each session, conference and activity earns you points. Aspire to the highest level and join the Hall of Fame for professionals, the Platinum Learning! Professional Certificate. (See sidebar of these distinguished leaders.  LEARN MORE




















  • Elearning! Magazine  ‘Advancing Career Through Certification’ Study 2012.




  • Georgetown University, June 2012, Center on Education and the Workforce (http://cew.georgetown.edu/certificates)










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