AI for Leaders by UpSkill Digital

AI for Leaders by UpSkill Digital

As AI evolves, it will continuously shift traditional leadership competencies. Now more than ever, leaders must develop and sustain their awareness of the many ways AI is transforming the key capabilities they require to evolve their current skills, eliminate obsolete ones and acquire new competencies to remain relevant and be future-ready.

AI for Leaders is designed from the ground up, from the leader’s perspective and incorporates action learning activities to promote critical reflection. This practice is proven to effectively develop leadership qualities such as emotional intelligence, empathy. The error-based learning approach is also an effective tool for overcoming and understanding oneself. AI For Leaders is an intense transformative set of programs for those seeking to rapidly adopt, apply and sustain the six key skills proven to dramatically drive effective and successful digital transformation.

This new program is aimed at decision-makers across all sectors who understand the importance of being ready for Revolution 4.0 and who are aware that digitally transformed landscapes will require more human centricity. An activity-based experience prioritizing practices for building people-focused strategies and agile frameworks for lifelong learning initiatives.

The focus? Building capacity in areas where AI will struggle to outperform humans i.e. problem solving, creativity, negotiation, collaborative design, conflict resolution, and crisis response.  Learn more at

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