Apple Mobile OS Is Slightly Favored

A recent survey of IT professionals shows that Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is more popular in the workplace than BlackBerry or Android. The survey polled 768 I.T. professionals in five countries: the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Germany and Japan.


Other factoids from the survey:

>> 89 percent of respondents have mobile devices such assmartphones or tablets connecting to corporate networks;

>> 65 percent allow personal devices to connect to corporatenetworks; 

>> 78 percent say there are more than twice as many personal devices connecting to corporate networks now than compared to two years ago;

>> 71 percent say mobile devices have contributed to increased security incidents;

>> The Android mobile platform is considered to introduce the greatest security risks; and >> 72 percent say careless employees are a greater security threat than hackers.

—Download survey PDF:

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