Blended Learning's Challenge

Blended learning has many advantages including the interactivity of the resources available is more motivating for learners and can enhance learning

effectiveness. Yet blended learning also presents a real challenge because of its complexity.

“Standardized, one-size-fits-all programs cannot cater to the needs of today’s learners, while ad-hoc programs in which resources and modalities (face-to-face training, telephone, e-learning) are simply bundled together confuse learners and deliver uncertain results, says Andrew Wickham, author of the study on blended learning.” An approach combining interlocking and associated resources is thus required.”

Wickham points out that “trainers today need to adapt their courses to the operational needs, professions and specific constraints of individual learners. The latest Web 2.0 platforms and tools allow trainers to respond to this need by giving them access to online content and by allowing them to customize their programs and even create their own resources. But trainers need to be fully qualified and to master the tools, and they need to allocate time to follow up their learner’s online work.”

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