BU, Pyxis Collaborate

Boston University (BU) School of Management is putting the power of learning into the hands of its students. BU is extending its student coursework beyond the classroom walls and onto BlackBerry smartphones, powered by Pyxis Mobile and its mobile enterprise application platform (MEAP).

The application, was crafted jointly by Pyxis Mobile and Scott Stewart, Research Associate Professor and Faculty Director of BU’s MS in Investment Management (MSIM) program. It connects students to high-level investment research supporting live portfolio management, enabling them to replicate the roles of equity analysts in the field. In addition to news, research, and quotes, the application features a collaborative research discussion board and access to student investment research and portfolio holdings. Powered by Pyxis Mobile’s Application Studio and featuring their Configure Once, Run Anywhere technology, the application works on all BlackBerry smartphones. This advances research on the sharing of financial information via PDAs Prof. Stewart initiated in 2002 and has presented at several academic conferences.

Top analyst firms predict that by 2013, mobile phones will outnumber PCs and function as the most common web browsing device. Almost every student owns a mobile device or a smartphone, and BU will greatly enrich educational experience and enhance campus life by pushing the boundaries beyond typical use of this “personal” mass medium among a demographic already driving the industry forward.

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