Case Study: Training to Support Rapid Growth

Training to Support Rapid Growith

During the last two years, Cabela’s has opened 18 new store locations in the United States and is opening nearly eight new stores each year. Each store has approximately 400 to 500 employees who must understand a wide variety of products. The optics section alone (binoculars and other related products) has dozens of highly complex items.

Cabela’s is a $2 billion retailer providing a wide variety of sporting goods designed to meet all the needs of outdoor recreation, fishing, hunting and camping. The company’s business has been built upon its direct mail and Internet distribution channels. Over the last two years, it has focused heavily on opening retail locations.

The company is very employee-centric, offering certified degree-granting programs for all employees. Its director of HR was responsible for developing a training and certification solution to support this rapid growth. The company needed an LMS, a set of custom content, a way to develop and edit such content, and a system that would enable employees to enroll in and complete degree programs.


After looking at many systems, the company realized that it needed an “integrated solution provider” that could offer a well-designed LMS and provide content development assistance, tools for internal content development, and a platform enabling employees to enroll and participate in degree programs from Western Nebraska Community College. It also wanted a solution for measurement and reporting, so that each store could track employee training and certification among each of the product categories.

The company chose to work with GeoLearning, a best-of-breed integrated solution provider. GeoLearning provided:

>> The on-demand learning management platform.
>> Content development assistance to help build the initial library.
>> An integrated Learning Content Management System (LCMS).
>> A training analytics system (KnowledgeAdvisors).
>> A collaboration system to facilitate the completion of certificate degrees (Q2 Learning’s eCampus).

These products and services were all important in Cabela’s total training solution, but were not available from any one vendor. While it might have tried to select each individual component, the company saved valuable time by working with a “best-of breed” solutions integrator like GeoLearning—which took responsibility for the selection, implementation and support of each component of this solution.

LESSONS LEARNED When you are resource constrained and need to build a complete end-to-end training solution, it is often more costeffective and efficient to seek out a solution provider that:

>> has experience working with many technology providers;
>> can offer content development services; and
>> is willing to take responsibility to be the single point of contact for the entire solution.

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