‘Classroom’ Platform Gets Major Update

‘Classroom’ Platform Gets Major Update

Google has released a major upgrade to its Google Classroom platform that offers educators and developers the ability to connect to its Cloud services with third-party apps.

It includes a new application programing interface (API) that connects developers with Google Classroom, a platform for teachers to manage assignments and send feedback to students.

The update reportedly leverages richer content to turn learning into a more shareable experience. Alongside the API, Classroom updates include a new share button that educational sites can use to let students and teachers share links to articles, videos, images and other rich content. Likewise, smaller tweaks consist of notifications for its Classroom iOS and Androids apps, an API to create easy Google student accounts, and whitelisted “domains” that let different user groups collaborate across Google Apps for Education.

—More info: https://www.google.com/edu/products/productivity-tools/classroom/

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