Elluminate Bridge for Moodle integrates the popular Elluminate Live! virtual classroom environment with Moodle, a leading open-source course management system. The company is working with Moodle partners Remote- and Open Knowledge Technologies to provide the integration.

Elluminate Bridge for Moodle enables academic institutions using Moodle to easily and seamlessly add synchronous distance learning and collaboration into coursework. Instructors can schedule, deliver and record classes using Elluminate Live!—the Internet-based, real-time e-learning tool that includes voice over the Internet, shared whiteboards, chat, breakout rooms, application sharing, import capabilities with PowerPoint presentation software, and more—all in a multi-platform environment that ensures a superior user experience regardless of connection speed.

Elluminate Bridge for Moodle connects to any current or new Elluminate Live! account hosted by Elluminate or installed on the customer’s servers. In addition, because the Moodle integration is built using the Elluminate Bridge Toolkit, it can connect to Elluminate Live! in combination with one or more other CMS, LMS, or campus directory integrations, such as Blackboard or Active Directory.

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