eCirkit, the new social media Webtop previously in private Beta, has gone “live.” The Social Penetrator is an easy-to-use application that makes your social media and data portable.

Instantaneously populate your eCirkit profile with media and information from your profiles on other sites such as eBay, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. The Social Penetrator retrieves your social graph from other sites and mirrors it to eCirkit, eliminating the usual inconvenience of creating profile on a new site.

eCirkit is your Web home base that allows you to share your life, store your memories, and connect with the world. eCirkit revolutionizes the Internet with the WebTop, which fulfills the promise of a true, windowed, desktop-like Internet environment that gives you access to everything on the Web and enables all of your online activity to be organized and customized from a single, personalized homepage. 

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