COLLABORATION: Social Network for the Enterprise

ePath Learning eSourceSM is a cloud-based service that empowers all employees to contribute to discussions, ask questions, share information, connect with colleagues, and search for experts throughout the organization. Employees can collaborate in teams and instantly see what others are working on, share content and post updates. Problems are solved organically, and answers to questions are crowd sourced eliminating the silo effect. Organizational knowledge is unleashed.

eSource functionality is similar to today’s most popular social networks, except eSource is private, secure, supports multiple languages, and is a controlled social network for the enterprise. eSource is offered fully integrated into ePath Learning’s learning management service (ASAP), or as a stand-alone service in the cloud. With each interaction, eSource inherently builds a searchable database of all eSource communications, recording the expertise of its users and enabling the organization to retain knowledge and develop best practices. Individual knowledge becomes organizational knowledge in a safe, secure internal environment.

Unique to eSource is the Expert Exchange function. eSource users can choose to list keywords in their personal profiles related to areas of interest, job function or expertise. A search in the expert exchange returns a list of all those individuals with the matching keywords.

Users can contact the “expert” via public post in eSource or through a direct message. Instantly, the right people with the right information are connected whether they are across the hall or across the globe.

eSource enables open communications across the organization. Knowledge sharing, a catalyst for success, occurs at all levels. Within the enterprise, social networking transforms into social learning as eSource provides the means to get information to those in need, when they need it. As individuals, we commonly crowd source answers to our questions using the Internet. With eSource, we can now crowd source solutions to our corporate challenges within a secure environment, leveraging institutional knowledge and evolving the organization into a total learning environment.


ePath Learning, Inc. is a leader in cloudbased learning services. ePath Learning ASAPTM is a cloud-based learning management service that combines the features of an LCMS with the functionality of an LMS into one, easy to use service available anytime, anywhere on any web browser. ePath Learning eSource is a private, secure, social network for the enterprise. ePath Learning also offers course development and conversion services through its award winning Pro Services team. ASAP gives organizations of any size an easy, cost-effective way to create, manage, measure and deliver learning content and training programs online.

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