The central idea of FlockPod is to provide a space on any Web page for you to collaborate and learn right on the spot, to share ideas, opinions, experiences, anecdotes or sometimes even to question, reason or debate. FlockPod is the world’s first software for on-the-spot social interactions leading to informal learning.

FlockPod lets you add social interaction on any Web page to serve a dual purpose: facilitate social learning and augment the content itself. As you read a page of information open a debate and get others involved, you can share ideas, opinions and experiences from your perspective.

The Spot Poll function allows you to take a poll with out leaving what you are reading to get a quick pulse of everyone’s opinion to see a trend and make a decision. You can also leave behind useful links on a page to guide others when they visit that page. While on the page, you can rank the links by relevance to the content. 

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