CONTENT: Cegos Celebrates 83 Years of Innovation

What do the 40-hour work week, the creation of Route 66, and the birth of Marilyn Monroe have in common? They all happened in 1926: the year international learning
and development specialist Cegos was founded. Established in France as a research think tank focusing on management and international affairs, Cegos is Europe’s— and one of the world’s—largest training and development organizations today. The company trains more than 200,000 learners each year through its network of 1,200 consultants worldwide, and delivers world-class learning solutions to meet changing organizational needs in 30 countries.

Cegos’ 83-year history has been defined by innovation and an ability to adapt to
devolving business needs. Cegos’ passion to help employees and companies reach their maximum potential and long-term goals is seen in its longevity and diverse offerings. Today, Cegos is a total learning solutions provider offering blended learning, elearning, and custom learning solutions.

E-Learning Solutions by Cegos® consists of more than 200 online trainingmodules, and its blended learning solution,Global Learning by Cegos, includes the very latest in blended learning techniques geared to knowledge and skills development. Cegos’ learning solutions are translated and localized into 12 languages.

How has Cegos achieved its long history of success? By being an international and a local partner, by being a pioneer in new learning technologies and methodologies, by providing complete learning solutions, and by focusing on learner needs and offering diverse learning deliveries that appeal to all types of learners.

>> e-Learning Solutions by Cegos® include 200 off-the shelf e-learning modules that are outcome- based, learner-centered, and built on accepted adult learning principles that begin with stated goals and objectives. This is followed by content presentation, activities to test learner understanding, application development, and
final assessments. This process builds knowledge and new skills that can be applied to on-the-job challenges.

>> Global Learning by Cegos is a completely integrated solution, allowing the client to choose a face-to-face or blended approach to learning. Global Learning by Cegos offers 26 courses in such strategic areas as management and leadership, sales, personal and professional effectiveness, project management, finance, purchasing, and marketing. These courses can be offered as stand-alone classroom training or integrated with e-learning modules and pre and post assessments.

>> Cegos is an innovator in the latest learning technologies and methodologies, and prides itself on its ability to track changing user needs and roll out solutions accordingly.Over the last three years, Cegos has spent $24million to develop instructionally sound e-learning and blended learning modules. In order to stay current, Cegos continually surveys learners and organizations to understand needs and changing trends. Recent research includes an examination of the impact of Generation Y on the workforce, the changing role of women in the workplace, and amajor pan-European survey on new technologies and learning practices. The result? All Cegos solutions are closely aligned with market needs.

>> Cegos has been the L&D partner of choice for many of the world’s leading international organizations, including Eastman Kodak, Alstom, IMS Health and more. Eastman Kodak has awarded Cegos the Supplier Quality Award for three consecutive years in recognition of its commitment to quality training programs in the US, Europe and Asia. Kodak’s custom designed programs have been delivered around the world meeting local needs while maintaining the integrity of the corporate message. Cegos’ consistency of approach, innovative techniques, and
continuous focus on business value has resulted in a 10-year relationship with Kodak that continues today.

No matter what challenge you face, Cegos can provide a solution — including customized consulting, off-the-shelf elearning, or a blended program to meet your needs. Today, when learning solutions must have business impact, and training effectiveness and ROI is important, working with a learning provider that has the breadth of knowledge and insight Cegos has, makes a difference. Cegos has the
experience, the human resources, and the global reach — along with a local market understanding — to meet your corporate goals and long-term growth targets.

Whether you are an international Fortune 500 company or a growing small or medium enterprise, Cegos can help you today. For further information, phone
(866) 234-6706 toll free or (860) 570-6240.

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