Content: Combo Software Works Wonders

Content: Combo Software Works Wonders

Professional development is a big challenge for organizations, and traditional training methods no longer satisfy the demand.

“Training can be costly and time-consuming,” says Katja Ruisinger, manager of e-learning services at Allianz SE, the holding company of Allianz Group. “Stricter organizational processes are making it more difficult for employees to find time for training. E-learning makes it possible to bring training and education to the workplace and deliver it worldwide at any time. ”


Allianz Holding services all subsidiaries of the Allianz Group, one of the world’s leading providers of insurance, banking and asset management. Allianz Holding does not develop training content but instead concentrates on the IT infrastructure.

During the conceptual design phase of the e-learning architecture, it was obvious that a combination of products from two providers would comprise the solution: Adobe Presenter, to create and maintain content, and a learning management system (LMS) from Saba. At the same time, Adobe Connect Server would be used to publish content to the Internet.

“There are a lot of powerful tools available to assist in creating educational content.

However, they require a lot of training and demand that people use them frequently to become skilled users,” says Ruisinger. “We were looking for a tool that allowed users to create content with only limited training requirements. We wanted users to be proficient with the technology, even if they used it only occasionally. ”

This requirement was met by Adobe Presenter, which Allianz already used. The company uses it in combination with Microsoft PowerPoint to develop multimedia e-learning content. A large selection of available PowerPoint presentations allow for easy application during exercises. With Adobe Presenter as an add-on, it is possible to enhance PowerPoint presentations with interactive elements such as questions or audio effects. The final result is sophisticated e-learning content.

FLEXIBLE LEARNINGContent: Combo Software Works Wonders

“We cannot and do not want to dictate to our subsidiaries what tools they have to work with. However, if we receive an inquiry regarding an e-learning solution, we suggest, based on our positive experience, the combination of Adobe Presenter and Saba,” explains Ruisinger.

The infrastructure of Adobe Connect is available worldwide. In connection with the availability of PowerPoint, employees can immediately begin to generate content after installing Adobe Presenter. Today, employees around the world use it to create content that is published using Saba or Adobe Connect Server to more than 200,000 people at Allianz or its partner organizations.

The users are especially enthusiastic about the intuitive interface. “Demand for the solution continues to grow as more employees realize the benefits. Shortly after new training content is published, we often receive requests from other users who want to know how it was done,” says Ruisinger.


Officially, everything at the global e-learning group revolves around timely, relevant training, yet in reality, the project goes much further than that. “Initially our main argument was that e-learning would provide a cost savings of up to 30 percent compared to traditional training seminars,” says Ruisinger. “This is indeed true, but not the only benefit.” It became evident that e-learning is the only way to offer employees high quality training, especially at smaller branches. The impact on employees is positive professional development that previously was not available.


Content Challenges & SolutionsAt Allianz Holding, the implementation of Adobe Connect solutions has been a great success. Ruisinger praises the outstanding collaboration with Adobe and Saba. “We receive excellent support from both organizations. Thanks to SCORM 1.2, a standard to exchange for e-learning information, the sharing of data between Adobe Presenter and Saba software works easily.

“At the Allianz Group, e-learning is now an integral part of doing business. Adobe Connect Server makes it easy to publish content to the LMS or on our intranet — only one link is needed. The platform is increasingly used for internal marketing as well as management announcements to employees. We see a clear and increasing trend to use the platform for employee and partner communication.”

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