CONTENT: For Mobile App Security

ThreadStrong from Denim Group provides quality instructional experience for users in a self-paced format. The courses include complex graphics and animations, detailed examples, and review questions to test student comprehension.

One of the newest programs is an overview of mobile application security. It gives a step-by-step guide on how to build a basic threat model for a smartphone application. This threat model is then used as a framework for making better decisions about how to design and build applications as well as how to test the security of existing applications. By understanding how mobile applications are connected to other systems, developers will understand how mobile applications can be vulnerable and sensitive data exposed.

Other e-learning courses, in a variety of delivery formats:

>> Authentication and Authorization for iOS/Android Mobile Devices (30 minutes)

>> Introduction to Web Application Security (1 hour)

>> Secure Coding for Java (4 hours)

>> Secure Coding for .NET (4 hours)

>> Threat Modeling (1 hour)

>> Software Security Remediation Basics (1 hour)

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