CONTENT: Further Unifying People Management

Saba Impressions and Saba Compensation are available as part of Saba’s unified people management solutions, delivered either in the cloud or on-premise.

With Saba Impressions, Saba delivers the real-time feedback from the social network that is critical to rapid performance improvement.

As quick and simple to use as Twitter, Saba Impressions enables individuals across the organization to submit quick feedback on any other individual. And unlike social feedback from stand-alone tools, the feedback from Saba Impressions can be used immediately to make course corrections in development planning, or throughout the cycle to better inform formal processes such as performance and succession decisions.

Saba Compensation is different because it goes beyond simple pay-for-performance processes that focus solely on a formal review score. Instead, Saba empowers managers with measures of employee success from various talent processes, both formal and informal, so that money is spent where it is needed most.

Saba Compensation includes capabilities to support…

>> Base and variable compensation plan design

>> Compensation eligibility

>> Compensation allocation

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