CONTENT: Real-Time Feedback

Following closely on the delivery of Saba Compensation in February, Saba Impressions provides an easy, ongoing means to provide continuous and timely feedback, while enriching formal performance, compensation, and succession decisions.

It is akin to the status updates found on social media sites. As quick and simple to use as Twitter, Saba Impressions enables individuals across the organization to submit quick feedback on any individual, regardless of reporting structure or participation in a performance cycle. The feedback can be used to make immediate course corrections in development planning and other people management business processes to better inform formal processes such as performance, compensation and succession decisions.

Saba Performance and Saba Compensation are both part of a unified people management suite that also includes Saba Goals & Objectives, Saba Succession, Saba Workforce Planning and Saba Learning and Saba Impressions.

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