CONTENT: Video Collaboration Via Desktop

Elluminate, Inc. announced the newest addition to its family of Web, video and audio social learning solutions designed for education. Elluminate VCS 2.0 is the latest version of the company’s affordable, high-quality, multipoint video collaboration solution.

Elluminate VCS 2.0 provides:
>> High-resolution, high-frame-rate, multipoint video collaboration
>> Dramatic cost savings over traditional videoconferencing
>> Interoperability with legacy H.323 videoconferencing
>> Up to 25 endpoints in a session, with moderator control of 6 video slots
>> Unified, task-oriented “MS Office-style” tabbed user interface designed for education and training
>> Session interaction tools put moderator in control
>> Telephone dial-in to sessions using third-party SIP origination service
>> Web 2.0-style portal for session scheduling and management
>> Powerful, multi-user data collaboration tools
>> Low-bandwidth requirements and minimal processor demands
>> Scalability to thousands of endpoints and hundreds of multipoint ports
>> Presence client for ad hoc invitations and instant messaging
>> Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) server

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