Looking to the 'Dark Side'

Organizations employ multi-rater (“360”) feedback for a wide array of reasons, including leadership development, succession management and performance management.

But “a more fundamental challenge … is determining what to measure,” notes Kate Protopapas of Pilat HR Solutions. “Consequently, organizations need to … ensure that the self-awareness fostered is as productive as possible. What is measured sends a message about what is valued.”

Protopapas explains that the current 360 focus is on competencies, with an emphasis on the positive. “The issue, though, is that positive aspects of behavior are not necessarily the ones that underlie leader ineffectiveness. Arrogance, interpersonal quirks, Machiavellian politics or outright deviousness aren’t measured in the typical 360 instrument and are thus exposed peripherally, if at all.”

She concludes: “Careful selection of 360 instrumentation to ensure a balanced look at both the ‘bright side’ and the ‘dark side’ of leader behavior is one way to realize even more self-reflection, personal evolution and business impact.”

—More info: www.pilat.com

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