DOD Supplies Books On Line

The U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) has chosen to renew its license to Safari Books Online’s digital library, which will allow DOD and military personnel access to resources necessary to continue professional learning on a wide array of skills ranging from technical (I.T. development, I.T. security), creative (desktop publishing, Web development, digital photography), and business (supervising, hiring and recruitment, finance). Access to Safari Books Online is facilitated by the library system in each military branch.

Under the agreement with the DOD, active and retired personnel of any military branch plus their families along with any DOD personnel can apply for free access to Safari Books Online’s extensive online 16,000-book and video library by registering at the Knowledge Portal (Navy Knowledge Online, Army Knowledge Online, Air Force Online) of each military branch or by registering at Military One Source. Subscribers can access additional topics like certification guides, test preparation content, management and leadership titles, and “how-to” guides on topics such as programming, Web development, Six Sigma, Microsoft Sharepoint, and cyber security.

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