Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Executives around the world are working longer hours, taking on additional responsibilities, and experiencing higher levels of stress, according to a McKinsey Quarterly survey.

In this survey of corporate directors, CEOs and middle managers, 95 percent are at least somewhat satisfied with their own performance as business leaders. Far fewer are impressed with the work of their direct superiors. As for middle managers, compared with more senior colleagues, they are less committed to staying with their companies, less enthusiastic about their work, less satisfied with their own performance, and far less satisfied than more senior executives with how their bosses are doing.

Other findings:
>> More than 80 percent of executives say their organizations’ financial performance has suffered as a result of the crisis.
>> Executives are working 55 hours a week on average, compared with 45 before the economic crisis.
>> Just 36 percent of middle managers (compared with 52 percent of all executives) report that they are very or extremely likely to choose to be with their current employers two years from now.

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