Driving Performance and Adoption

Edmentum had a challenge that is common to highly successful, growing companies: how to efficiently and effectively ramp up new hires and drive adoption of new tools and processes in a rapidly expanding and increasingly decentralized workforce.

Edmentum’s approach to on-boarding and training employees — especially when it came to solving Salesforce CRM system issues — relied heavily on static webinars. As is so often the case with standard webinars, they discovered that users found it difficult to pay attention in front of a computer for an hour, especially when there is little opportunity for interaction. As a result, learning and retention was low.

“Inevitably, we were answering the same exact questions two weeks later that had been addressed in our training. explains Leyna Hoffer Edmentum’s sales systems manager. “We were looking for a solution to help people grasp procedures and implement learning in a way that not only kept them engaged during the training but also enhanced their ability to quickly apply the learning after the session was over.”

Fate Stepped In

Sometimes it helps to be in the right place at the right time. Hoffer is also the co-leader of the Twin Cities Salesforce.com User Group, which means she is regularly engaged with other leaders in the Salesforce.com Success Community discussing new ideas, best practices, and innovative technologies. During one group chat, another leader mentioned an upcoming webinar of KnowledgeNow from CloudCoaching International, an innovative solution designed specifically to deliver personalized, contextual knowledge and performance support for Salesforce. com users. Hoffer attended that webinar to learn more.

”I was blown away, she says. “I didn’t even know KnowledgeNow existed. I could see right away that this solution could not only solve our problems with onboarding and training, but it could also be a powerful tool to go beyond training by providing employees immediate access to new product information and motivational messages from senior leadership in an engaging, high-impact way — all inside of Salesforce.com. The applications were literally endless. I immediately reached out to CloudCoaching International.

Launching The Solution

The power of the KnowledgeNow platform is that it provides practical, customized, application-based training guidance embedded within a company’s Salesforce CRM platform. This guidance can be accessed by users at key junctures while they are using the platform to perform their real-world tasks. CloudCoaches appear directly on top of Salesforce. com as transparent walk-out videos to guide users on any number of tasks, processes, activities, instructions and endless forms of communication. The best part is that it reinforces real learning, in the real world, in the moment, in the app.

Edmentum immediately understood the power of our solution and embraced its ease of use and flexibility,” says Michael Brichford, SVP at CloudCoaching International. “The key to success with KnowledgeNow is providing our clients, like Edmentum, the ability to access KnowledgeNow’s extensive CloudCoach training library or create their own videos in-house that can be immediately uploaded into the KnowledgeNow Client Dashboard. In addition, Edmentum now has the ability to upload existing in-house training or communica-tion documents that can be pushed through existing CloudCoaches directly into the Salesforce.com environment for immediate access.

Hoffer adds: “They held our hands when we needed it, gave us all of the information required to help us succeed, and they were extremely responsive to all of our requests for guidance. In the end, the tools to get everything loaded into our Salesforce CRM were very easy to use.

New Momentum

Hoffer says the user feedback since rolling out KnowledgeNow has been extremely positive. “For example, within two days of initially deploying KnowledgeNow, we received an email from a new sales rep, Hoffer notes. “While working in her Salesforce. com account, she took 45 seconds to view a KnowledgeNow CloudCoach video prepared by one of our VPs describing a new selling solu- tion process, and another 30 seconds to review the three examples of how to use it that were attached. By implementing this new learning during her next sales call, she turned what had been projected to be a single-year deal into a multi-year deal. Needless to say, she was very excited, and so were we.”

Hoffer also points out that the requests from managers who want to record their own training content is growing every day. “As a company, we are thinking of more use cases all the time where we can put KnowledgeNow to work and help everyone — no matter what role they are in — become more effective and successful,” she declares. “KnowledgeNow is not only now embedded in our Salesforce CRM, it is rapidly becoming embedded in our culture.”

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—The author is CEO of CCI Labs.

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