Drones for Learning???

Drones for Learning???

Pauley, the British company that makes touch-screen software will fly drones over the upcoming Learning Technologies event in London.
Using a professional pilot to showcase the latest UAV equipment, Pauley hopes that the demonstration will encourage visitors and exhibitors to think “outside of the box” when it comes to the future of learning.

“Pauley is always keen to utilize new and emerging technologies for immersive learning experiences,” says corporate director Phil Pauley. “The reality is that drones could be used to provide on-demand, real-time information for learning projects and resources.  “Detailed surveillance and the ability to provide staff with an aerial view are just a couple of the benefits of drone technology — ideal for staff training in the construction sector, for example. Drones could also help companies adhere to health and safety practices by monitoring contractors and visitors on site in real-time.”

People are already talking about combining drones with the new wave of virtual reality technologies, such as the Oculus headset. Companies could create truly immersive and highly memorable training experiences in which footage from a drone could be streamed into the cockpit-like view of a VR headset. And now that the technology is being taken up more broadly, prices are dropping.

—More info: www.pauley.co.uk and www.learningtechnologies.co.uk

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