Editor’s Choice: Dreamforce 2016

Editor’s Choice: Dreamforce 2016


More than 150,000 people convened at Dreamforce ‘16 and hundreds of solutions from AI, gamification to sales enablement tools were on display. These are a few cool solutions our editor’s picked as best of Dreamforce:

Simple Productivity Tools

Anyone who uses Salesforce (SF) knows it can be a powerful tool if used correctly. A few solutions make the CRM as simple as a click to post a call, opportunity or note. LiiD is one app that automatically logs a sales call or activity into SF. When a call is completed, you click and it saves it to the contact record, as long as the client phone number is in the contact database. The speech-to-text feature lets you save meetings or add notes easily. Use the personal sales assistant to remind you of important tasks. The app is available on Android and iOS. Learn more at: liid.com

ZynBit, another productivity tool for SF, that let’s sales reps post actions from the MS Outlook email account. The SF client activity is a popup side bar, so information can be entered in a click, without leaving the email account. ZynBit identifies or captures contacts information from your email automatically. Add-ons like ZynSync and ZynIQ can deliver prescriptive and automated insights alongside your email conversations. Starting at $10/ user, it is worth a test. Learn more at: zybit.com

Gamified Learning Platform

We had a chance to meet with founder and CEO Gal Rimon to talk about GamEffective. Rimon was founder of a BI company which he sold in 2012. Then, he launched GamEffective. Initially, a gamification application, Rimon realized that gamification can’t work in isolation. So, armed with his BI background Rimon built a learning environment built on business process rather than completion or competition.

GamEffective’s number one goal is to improve performance management. But rather than use esoteric Key Performance Indicators, Rimon suggests creating campaigns effective by employee and roll to: Build awareness; Provide product info – Teach them; Do things with product, talk about it, use it; and, measure performance to help create a habit performing.

  The Millennials are changing the face of work. “We need to train them first, show you care about them, claims Rimon. “They focus on work and caring… [and] thrive on constant feedback that is personal to them. GamEffective can make each employee a hero of their own game. And, it moves the overall company performance needle”, concludes Rimon.

Test drive it at: GamEffective.com

Infer’s Analytics Solution

Infer showcased their Host Analytics solution at Dreamforce. With their solution, sales, marketing and even training organizations can create digital analytics dashboards that pulls all data into one location.  You don’t have to wait for the next system upgrade, or IT to build it. Infer has the solution that can be branded and formatted however you choose.

Host Analytics is a cloud-based application that knows ow to make data actionable. Their team will construct a “math of the business” approach, to help you determine which metrics to hit using reverse waterfall calculations.  Infer will first implement a predictive scoring model to identify the ideal customer, sales rep or employee. Using your HRIS, CRM or Marketing data, Infer will provide predictive metrics that help guide decision marketing, track performance, spot trends and prevent potential problems.

With this actionable data, you can easily shift efforts to those making the most impact. From sales deployment, marketing spends, or skills development. Learn more at: infer.com


Smarter Salesforce with Bluewolf

Bluewolf was in full force at Dreamforce. Recently acquired by IBM, this digital agency has morphed into a full service salesforce deployment partner.  Eric Berridge, CEO and co-founder, revealed how to use Cognitive to uncover invisible data to better serve your customers. (See his book titled Customer Obsessed on Amazon.) These fingerprints are found in Go for Sales Cloud.

SF users can leverage the intelligence available only to larger organization’s with Bluewolf Go for Sales Cloud. The solution helps companies of all sizes to launch SF in weeks with the Bluewolf approach. They focus on providing visibility and access needed to find customers, close deals, grow accounts and service customers faster.  The platform includes Sales Cloud, Analytics, Data Migration, Project Management and Training. Starting price is $69,000 for SMB deployment. Learn more at: bluewolf.com


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