Editor's Note: A Season for Thankfulness

Editor's Note: A Season for Thankfulness

Five Reasons To Celebrate The Holidays With As Much Passion And Fervor As Ever Before.

Here we are, some time between Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2012 already. More than ever, it should be a season of thankfulness. Despite our domestic problems — including an economy that is perilously close to another recession — we have lots to be thankful for.

From the perspective of a magazine editor, here are a few:

1) The “Best of Elearning!” awards, the focus of this holiday issue. It’s our flagship awards program, and it’s been more successful than ever. So we are thankful for our loyal readers who filled out the open-ended ballots and provided comments on the various products in each category. Plus, our winners and finalists told us that they are overwhelmingly thankful that their loyal  customers took time to vote for them, and for the input provided by results of the awards program. And you, our readers, should be thankful not only for the opportunity to voice your opinion, but for being able to see exactly what products have captured the fancy of your peers.

In our opinion, the “Best of Elearning!” awards competition is a win-win-win proposition, and it’s the main reason that we’re celebrating eight years of conducting it.

2) Webinars. Elearning! and Government Elearning! magazines provide a rich monthly lineup of excellent webinars with topics suited for almost any learning professional. Thanks to editor-at-large Joe DiDonato (who’s one of the most dedicated learning professionals I’ve ever met), we not only get good response to our webinar series, but we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve the program. Got suggestions? Email jdidonato@2elearning.com.

Other webinars, most presented by vendors of learning and training materials, are also in great supply. And they’re free. Just in the last two days, I’ve gotten invitations to attend webinars titled “Six Habits of Highly Effective Talent Managers,” “Current Trends in Compliance Training,” “Mobile Learning Comes to Life” and “Turning Your Learning into a Profit Center.” There’s something for  just about everyone.

3) Our co-workers. In my case, it’s Joe, Catherine Upton, Kim Lewis and Jim Upton, all of whom I work closely with, on an almost daily basis. Certainly you’ve got your own set of co-workers to be thankful for: people who make your daily life at work easier. Before the holiday season is over, make sure to thank them.

4) Our jobs (and our paychecks). Almost a luxury these days. If you’ve got a job that’s actually secure, even more reason to be thankful.

5) Our friends and family. We’ve all got them. Be thankful.
And have a great holiday season!

—Jerry Roche
Editorial director

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