E-learning for the Industrial Worker

The right safety and compliance training sets the cornerstone for a productive work environment and is, therefore, a vital part of any overall safety program.

Online training ensures that your entire

The right safety and compliance training sets the cornerstone for a productive work environment and is, therefore, a vital part of any overall safety program.

Online training ensures that your entire workforce receives consistent, documented safety and compliance training. For successful implementation of an online safety training program, some questions need to be answered in regards to the training, such as: What is the best way to train adults in order to help meet the goals of the safety plan? How can material be presented in a way that workers will understand and retain information? Where would be the best learning environment for workers? These questions are proactive approaches to attaining healthy variables for the industrial worker.

An Industrial Focus

According to the adult learning theory established by Malcolm Knowles, the success of online training for the adult industrial worker depends on a number of important elements that include:

>> Clear learning objectives – Ensures the worker knows up front what is going to be accomplished during the training session to understand how this learning applies to them and the overall quality and productivity of their daily lives.

>> Content that is focused on the stated learning objectives – Once the learning objectives are clearly stated, the training presentation must follow the learning objectives. E-learning courses that are segmented into lessons and course pages with clearly defined titles can help facilitate this organization.

>> Content tailored to the students – The reading and comprehension level of all students must be taken into consideration for learning content. The content should accurately represent scenarios that are applicable to the industrial work setting and demonstrate to workers best practices to improve their work environment and personal safety.

>> Interaction between students and the training curriculum – The training curriculum must be engaging. By including video segments, animations and graphics, and narration that matches the on-screen text, workers receive an interactive and complete learning presentation.

>> Application of knowledge in real or typical scenarios -True interactions, those that go beyond a simple Q&A format, are critical to the success of the e-learning course.

Further Benefits

Online training eliminates the expense and inconvenience

of arranging the instructor and students in the same place, as scheduling or travel can be cost prohibitive in an industrial setting. It also allows for flexible training schedules to accommodate production times and work shifts. Online training creates a self-paced learning environment that allows the adult learner to begin applying knowledge and experience during the course of learning, resulting with higher concentration and retention of material.

Online Solutions

Summit Training Source, Inc. has expertise and a proven track record in providing high quality, professionally produced, technically accurate training materials that deliver measurable business results and a true return on investment. Summit’s online training delivery system, Summit Trainingweb, offers interactive, multimedia training courses available directly from the Web, 24/7, backed by its learning management system, which seamlessly tracks all training progress and records, schedules training, and more.

Students will experience expert quality content with video, animations, audio and true interactivity in courses that are fully customizable and professionally narrated, including foreign language.

In addition, Summit offers many customization options to create site and company specific learning materials, completing the training package to comply with the needs of adult learners.

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