E-learning Trends Toward Localization

E-learning Trends Toward Localization

The Globalization and Localization Association reports that localization of e-learning sites is on the rise. In fact, Common Sense Advisory, a translation/localization research firm, estimates the e-learning translation market at $250 million a year in 2008, but anticipates that number doubling in the next three to five years. Language service providers verify that growth.

Why the increase? Perhaps e-learning providers are catching onto the “pajama effect” — people tend to revert to their own language when they are doing things in private, rather than in collective environments.

Another reason is because travel restrictions are growing among major corporations; as a result, spending on translation and localization of training materials increases. Instead of sending trainers to Japan, companies prefer to translate the material and do the training remotely, thus improving effectiveness and reducing travel costs.

For articles, case studies and a database of language/localization providers that specialize in training and e-learning, go to www.galaglobal.org.

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