Employees Today Feeling Overloaded with Work

The 2014 “State of Workplace Productivity Report” of 2,009 U.S. employees cites the biggest hindrances to productivity in the workplace. Key insights:

>> 68% say they’re overworked, compared to 54 percent in 2013.

>> The No. 1 productivity killer in the workplace is work overload — and 52% say it’s gotten worse in the last year.

>> 65% think a flexible and remote work schedule would increase their productivity. An additional 65% agree that in-person meetings can be completely replaced with the right technology.

>> In-person collaboration is still preferred by 63%, compared to 28% who say online collaboration is preferred and just 10% who say phone or video conferencing is preferred.

>> 80% would be motivated to use company-provided wearable technology that allows employers to track their health and wellness data, and 76% would be willing to allow employers to track job performance and productivity — in exchange for rewards.

— Source: Kelton Research

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